Your Financial Advisor For Building & Protecting Businesses.

Graves Light Lenhart provides experienced business and succession planning to our clients. As your financial advisor, we help you classify your business and plan for its future with a succession plan your investors, family, and employees can rely on. Our team’s significant experience in both the business and legal worlds makes us well-qualified to guide you through the formation of your business and plan for its longevity.

Structure Your Business For The Maximum Benefits.

In consultation with clients’ attorneys and accountants, we advise our clients on their options for structuring their business into the most appropriate choice of entity. We then break it down further to consider tax implications and liabilities to protect you, your partners and your family. Our team pulls from our significant experience representing the businesses in our area to deliver the information you need to make competent decisions.

Graves Light Lenhart Identifies What’s In Your Best Interest.

We sit down with you to discuss the big picture and available options when planning for your business’ future. We don’t shy away from the tough conversations and use those moments to help you determine what’s best for your business, employees, and family. Whether you choose to sell your shares to a co-owner or pass them on to a family member, we get you the information you need to create a plan for long-term financial stability in retirement.

Long-Term Planning Protects Your Business.

Strategic succession planning is necessary for all business owners, no matter your age or health. Planning for the transition, merger, or sale of your business interests provides peace of mind when unexpected events and complications occur. We proudly offer these services in-house to our clients. Get started with a business retirement plan from a Graves Light Lenhart financial advisor and take advantage of our significant experience to create a succession plan that works.