Sophisticated Financial Planning Strategies Save You Money.

At Graves Light Lenhart, we believe in financial planning that saves money and makes money. We consider all your investment options within the lens of smart strategies to meet your financial responsibilities and avoid unnecessary taxation. In-house management of your investment portfolio means we make adjustments quickly when national and global changes affect their performance.

We Excel At Navigating The Small Details.

Our experienced team dives deep into the research for each investment we make. We save and grow your portfolio in a responsible manner that addresses the small details that can cost you money. Our full capabilities add value to every element of the process and address the big-picture legalities. We take a streamlined, thorough approach to save and grow your finances.

Tax Planning: There are tax consequences with everything we do. We focus on minimizing those consequences with smart investment strategy and regular collaboration with your accountant.

Risk Management: We honor your risk tolerance and don’t take undue risks with your investments. As fiduciaries, we’re required to invest in what is in your best interest which means we save you money where we can and grow your portfolios for long-term financial well-being.

Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning: We can review or draft the framework for your estate plan as part of our comprehensive services. Our experienced professionals coordinate all our efforts so that we can ensure your money is going where you intend.

Local Wealth Management You Know & Trust.

Graves Light Lenhart delivers big-firm expertise on a local level to clients in Virginia. Significant experience combined with detailed research, delivers investment strategy you can trust. We build relationships with you to ensure our strategies are inline with your needs, values, and goals. Simply said, we’re invested in your financial planning.