Work With A Financial Advisor Invested In Your Success.

At Graves Light Lenhart, our accomplished team handles your investment strategy, portfolio, and management in-house. As your financial advisor, we don’t believe you can reap the maximum benefits with a generic approach available from many major investment firms. Instead, we customize your financial plan and do the research to ensure our investment strategy is consistent with your goals and values. By keeping our portfolios in-house, we’re able to minimize costs and maintain control over your finances.

Flexibility & Control For You And Us.

Wealth management with Graves Light Lenhart is unique. Here’s what we mean:

In-House Management: We develop and manage our investment portfolios in-house. We can combine inherited or legacy stock into a custom portfolio that complements your values and risk tolerance. You’re not beholden to a stock you dislike because it’s part of the “package”.

Detailed Reporting: Our state-of-the-art software shows detailed reports you can review daily or through our monthly reports.

Your Bottom-Line Benefits From Strategic Management.

Our In-house management of your investment portfolio means we have eyes on your accounts, monitoring performance daily. While we are ready to move funds around to maximize your investments, we select securities to meet long-term goals. Our portfolios include stocks that complement the determined risk tolerance of each client and their ultimate goals. Active engagement with your accounts can save money by minimizing taxes and maximizing returns. Working with a financial advisor from Graves Light Lenhart provides sophisticated strategies to save and grow.