Our Comprehensive Approach To Financial Planning Minimizes Your Risks.

We work with clients to get them to a place where they can live a life of funded contentment. Our big-picture approach to financial planning means we look at your legal, financial, and insurance needs to identify any areas of vulnerability that can affect your long-term goals. We guide you through your options and develop strategic plans to protect your wealth for long-lasting enjoyment.

Proper Preparation Protects You & Your Family.

Insurance coverage is a huge factor in planning for your future. One accident or an unexpected medical expense is capable of obliterating your long-term plan if you’re not adequately covered. We don’t shy away from challenging topics and questions when we sit down with you. We discuss long-term care, disability and life insurance to protect you and your family. By planning and reviewing your policies, we can mitigate your risks and meet your goals.

Your Financial Well-Being Is Our Priority.

We are only as successful as the clients we serve every day. Our wealth management fee includes a comprehensive review of all your insurance documents with appropriate recommendations when necessary. This is an example of our commitment to managing and responsibly protecting your wealth as your trusted fiduciary.

Specialized Expertise To Managing Your Wealth.

At Graves Light Lenhart, you have access to our entire team of professionals with advanced degrees in Economics and Law, and professional designations, like Asa who is a Chartered Financial Analyst ® (CFA ® ) and Jeff who is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP ®). Our broad expertise allows us to look at the big picture when developing a cohesive approach to managing and protecting your wealth. We keep our custom investment portfolios in-house for flexibility and control over your financial well-being so you can grow and save. Working with us for your financial planning is different, and that’s a good thing.