A Wealth Management Master Plan To Transfer Wealth & Preserve Legacy.

The highly-trained wealth management team at Graves Light Lenhart looks at your big picture to protect your wealth and plan for its distribution. We analyze your estate plan and coordinate our efforts with your attorney and accountant to ensure your transfer of assets is structured to work as you intend. You’ll find comfort in knowing we’ve got your back with our comprehensive services.

We Know The Questions To Ask.

Our significant experience across a range of disciplines gives us insight and authority on managing the transfer of your wealth. We discuss your options and introduce potential situations you may not have considered; including, the transfer of wealth to minors, nonprofits and charities, and individuals with special needs, etc. We discuss the timeline for each transfer and make arrangements to accommodate your plans.

We Find The Most Efficient Way To Honor Your Wishes.

Our solutions plan for tax-efficient methods to move your money and assets where you want. Planning saves you money and minimizes hardship for you and your heirs. Some of these ways include:

Educational Investments: Create regular transfers to fund the education of your children or grandchildren.

Charitable Giving: Make one donation or spread it out over multiple contributions to your favorite nonprofit or charity.

Medical Costs: We can help transfer your money to pay for family medical needs at low tax rates.

Working Collaboratively Minimizes Conflict & Confusion.

While we never intend to replace your professional team of advisors, we do make a point of regularly working with your attorney, accountant, and insurance agent to ensure your documents and their professional advice don’t conflict. This collaboration helps minimize any communication errors between the parties and keeps you from acting as an intermediary. Wealth transfer and estate planning with Graves Light Lenhart operates beyond the traditional scope with smart solutions and comprehensive services for all your wealth management needs.