Hands-On Wealth Management For Financial Peace Of Mind.

Partnering with Graves Light Lenhart brings clarity and consistency to wealth management. Our experienced team provides financial and legal expertise for a thoughtful approach to managing and protecting your finances. When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, you are committing to a wealth strategy for long-term economic well-being that protects your family and legacy. Our approach is different, and it works.

  • Big-Picture Planning

    We collaborate with your legal, tax and insurance advisors to ensure all elements of your long-term planning work cohesively to protect your family and legacy. We develop and analyze financial portfolios and the framework for wills, trusts, estates, and insurance plans. Our experienced team identifies and crafts solutions for potential inconsistencies between your finances and legal documents before you encounter a liability.

  • Flexibility & Control

    We create and manage investment portfolios in-house for a tailored approach to financial planning. We include treasured family stocks alongside tax-efficient options we’ve researched and analyzed for long-term growth without trying “to shoot for the moon”. When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, you have complete access to all your financial data and investments in one location to review and monitor your performance at any time.

  • Save & Grow

    We dive deep to discover areas where we can save you money, minimize taxes and avoid unintended liabilities. You have access to our experienced team, which includes individuals with higher education in law and finance and each financial advisor to discuss options, ask questions, and clarify expectations. Our strong, thoughtful investment strategies fuel long-term growth so you can live your best life with the peace of mind that comes from financial well-being.

Long-Term Relationships You Can Trust.

We get to know you and your family. Our relationships help us to develop financial strategies that make sense for where you are right now and where you want to go in the future. When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, enjoy effective wealth management from a team you know and trust.