A Big-Picture Approach To Financial Planning.

Strong relationships are at the core of effective financial planning with Graves Light Lenhart. We get to know you and your family to learn about your values, dreams, and plans for the future. From funding your retirement to developing a strategy for charitable giving, our experienced team takes an aggregate view of your finances and legal and insurance documents to ensure each separate entity works together. We then dive deep into the details to identify potential liabilities and holes in coverage before they become a problem. This comprehensive approach is long-term protection for you, your family and legacy.

Our Difference Is An Asset.

When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, you get a team of professionals who work together to develop effective strategies for long-term financial stability. Our differences are our strengths:

Best-In-Class Team: You have access to individuals with advanced education and certification in law, finance and business when you work with Graves Light Lenhart. Do you need a trained eye to review the framework of your will? We can do that. Do you have questions about your investment strategy? Our experienced team is only a phone call away.

Professional Coordination: We take a hands-on approach to managing and protecting your wealth. We coordinate strategies with your tax, legal, and insurance advisors to ensure that we are all consistent with your long-term goals.

Custom Portfolios: We create and manage custom investment portfolios in-house. That means we can integrate existing holdings into portfolios constructed to meet your goals.

Long-Lasting Relationships: When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, you will know your portfolio manager and his investment strategy. You will not be working with an unknown individual thousands of miles away that has no clue who you are, what your risk tolerance is or your investment objective.

Clear Communication So You Understand The Details.

We translate legal and financial terminology, so it is easy to understand. Our Director of Wealth Strategies acts as an intermediary between your various advisors to relieve you of those responsibilities. His advanced degrees in law and taxation make him well-qualified for this role. Our experience shows that professional communication minimizes confusion and ultimately saves you money. We provide full transparency of all our processes so you can invest with confidence when you work with Graves Light Lenhart for financial planning.