Income Distribution & Financial Planning For Your Future.

After years of financial planning designed to accumulate wealth, it is crucial to prepare for its distribution. We guide you through the process to determine the amount of income you’ll need to cover living, medical, and recreational expenses. Our collaborative approach means we work with your accountant and attorney to take advantage of potential tax incentives and ensure all legal documents work together.

Our Clear Communication Delivers Valuable Information.

Our team’s wide range of expertise in multiple disciplines makes us well-qualified to manage and protect your wealth. We synthesize information and present it to you in a coherent manner so you can make informed decisions regarding your long-term plans. Some of the critical details and information we discuss are:

Risk Tolerance: As you get closer to retirement, we must discuss your risk tolerance and make investment adjustments to ensure you have the necessary funds to provide for a comfortable lifestyle.

Tax Strategies: We help you take advantage of programs and timing to minimize taxes for a comfortable life in retirement and to protect your legacy.

Insurance Coverage: By reviewing your insurance coverage and discussing options like long-term care, we can identify any holes in coverage to protect you and your family.

Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning: Our team reviews your estate plan to ensure it works in conjunction with your estimated financial needs in retirement.

Strategies To Fuel Your Lifestyle & Legacy.

You can rest easy planning for your retirement and legacy with Graves Light Lenhart. We guide you through the process with an experienced hand so you feel comfortable no matter what the future may bring. We discuss your preferred lifestyle in retirement and what your legacy means to your family and community. Our experienced team drafts plans for charitable giving and the transfer of wealth that honor your generosity and take advantage of tax incentives. Get started with sophisticated financial planning with Graves Light Lenhart.