Graves Light Lenhart Is Your Trusted Financial Advisor For Life.

We believe investors deserve hands-on wealth management from a financial advisor that puts their needs first. As fiduciaries, our experienced team develops strategies that are in your best interest. We partner with you to help secure a life of funded contentment where dreams and realities coincide.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is legally bound to act in the client’s best interest.

Our Services Don’t Stop At The Closing Bell.

We take a big-picture approach to wealth management that transcends traditional investment planning. By looking at your finances, taxes and insurance, we identify gaps in coverage to develop a strategy to protect you and your family. We not only seek to grow your wealth, but we also work to protect it from risks. We coordinate all our efforts with your attorney, accountant and insurance provider to ensure our strategies align and are in your best interest. Our comprehensive services include long-term guidance to protect your money and legacy.

A Trusted Relationship Became The Vision.

Our founding members met as clients. Jeff Lenhart and his wife worked with Asa Graves as their investment advisor. Shortly after meeting, Asa and Wes Graves retained Jeff as their attorney. When Wes, Asa and Doug decided to form the firm, Jeff was a natural complement to the team.

wealth management team

Our Approach Is Different, And It Works.

Our process minimizes the communication breakdown so frequently seen when financial, legal and tax issues are handled independently instead of collaboratively. We coordinate with your attorney, accountant and insurance agent to develop strategies for investments, charitable giving, retirement and estate planning. By creating custom investment portfolios in-house, we minimize costs associated with third-party providers and tailor each portfolio to our client. Comprehensive and cost-efficient options help to make Graves Light Lenhart your trusted financial advisor for life. We think you’ll like the difference.