An Evidence-Based Approach To Financial Planning & Investing.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to investing and financial planning. While individuals, families, and businesses may have similarities, each is unique and requires a custom strategy to meet their needs and values. We use a research-driven model for choosing your investments. We dive deep to understand the players and investments that best compliment your goals. With that information, we develop a strategic plan that is in your best interest.

You Reap The Benefits From Our Custom Portfolios.

There are significant benefits of building a custom portfolio to manage and invest your money.

  • Cost-Effective

    We’re not relying on a third party to create and manage your investments, which saves you money.

  • Flexible

    By keeping your investment portfolios in-house, we can respond to global situations immediately and keep a close eye on your overall performance to protect your finances.

  • Honor Your Tolerance For Risk

    Risk tolerance changes over time and often means something different to each person. We can address your risk tolerance more fully with a custom portfolio.

  • Ensure Your Involvement

    We collaborate with you as much as you want throughout the process by developing and maintaining custom portfolios in-house. Our relationship allows us to address your unique needs, head-on.

Investments Customized To Your Goals & Values.

At Graves Light Lenhart, we get to know you. We sit down with you to discuss your dreams and realities. We look at the big picture and review your estate plan and insurance to ensure your legal documents and coverage are in-line with your financial strategy. Our highly-trained team brings significant insight and counsel to maintain investments that are consistent with your needs.

A Full Range Of Services Simplifies The Process.

Comprehensive services mean you can depend on us for your wealth management and business-related financial planning and succession. We coordinate with your attorney, accountant and insurance agent to minimize breakdowns in communication and create a cohesive strategy you can depend on. Grow and save with our investment team and take advantage of our full range of services for financial planning you trust.