Effective Wealth Management Minimizes Taxes.

We look at the big picture to craft wealth management strategies that minimize taxes so you can save and grow. Our team pulls from their legal, investment, and academic backgrounds to focus on your long-term objectives to protect and preserve your legacy. We coordinate all our efforts with your attorney and accountant to ensure all documents and plans work together.

Responsible Strategies Protect Your Wealth.

The Graves Light Lenhart mission is to bring a personal touch to managing and protecting your wealth. By sitting down with you and learning about your family, finances, and goals, we can address potential liabilities and develop solutions to protect you from excess taxation. Some of the options we discuss with our clients are:

Income Deferral: Postpone incoming payments to a later date when you’re in a lower tax bracket to minimize income taxes.

Moving Money: Transferring money to family members in a lower tax bracket can minimize your taxes.

Planning For Deductions: We take advantage of available tax deductions and time them when they benefit you the best.

Choosing Investments Wisely: Certain investment options are exempt from federal taxes, making them a smart choice for some clients.

Charitable Giving Honors Your Legacy.

No tax strategy is complete without discussing options to donate to your preferred charity. We plan your charitable giving around available tax incentives so you can donate more to your favorite organization. During high-income years, we may advise you to donate more or create a donor-advised fund so you can continue to give in leaner years.

A Coordinated Approach That’s In Your Best Interest.

We never intend to replace your professional team, but we do work with your attorney, accountant and insurance agent to create tax-efficient solutions to protect your wealth. We keep you informed by clearly communicating our strategies without asking you to act as the intermediary. Ready for sophisticated and easy wealth management?