Live Your Best Life With A Graves Light Lenhart Financial Advisor.

When you choose Graves Light Lenhart, we become your financial advisor and partner. Our big-picture approach analyzes your finances, legal documents, and insurances to create a cohesive strategy to protect your assets while fueling their growth. You get to know us, and we build rapport with you by delivering experienced wealth management so you can grow and save. While each of our clients is unique, some similarities make them the perfect fit for our firm, including:

  • Business owners
  • Professionals planning for retirement
  • Executives
  • Nonprofits, foundations, and endowments

Sophisticated Wealth Management From A Local Team.

You can find peace of mind working with our experienced team. We guide you through the process of creating a cohesive plan to grow, protect, and manage your wealth. We proudly create custom investment portfolios that we manage and monitor in-house because, to us, you’re more than just a number. We build trusting relationships with the knowledge that we live and work in the same community you call home.

wealth management team

Our Broad Experience Delivers Thoughtful Wealth Management.

Our team’s significant experience in business, law, financial planning, and academia makes us well-qualified to partner with you for long-term success. When you work with Graves Light Lenhart, you can rest easy knowing an experienced eye is reviewing your business plans, retirement accounts, insurance, and legal documents to ensure all elements work together. We work as a team, with each member contributing their expertise to analyze and make recommendations where they see fit.

Clear Communication Throughout The Process.

You’re part of every step of our process. We translate the legal and financial worlds into easily understandable language for you to make informed decisions regarding your wealth. We create strategies and break them down, so you understand what it means and why we’re doing it for confident and comfortable investing with a financial advisor from Graves Light Lenhart.