Q1 2023 Newsletter

This newsletter updates you on current trends and news related to the first quarter of 2023.

Q4 2022 Newsletter

The most recent quarter (September-end) witnessed losses across asset classes and, therefore, client accounts. In our previous quarterly newsletter (June-end), we wrote that “there was no place to hide”, which, unfortunately, succinctly summed up the latest quarterly experience as well.

Q3 2022 Newsletter

There was nowhere to hide during the June quarter. Stocks and bonds both experienced painful

Q2 2022 Newsletter

Going into 2022, we expected the financial markets to experience heightened volatility given the likely
friction emanating from the anticipated Federal Reserve’s change in monetary policy against many richly
valued financial markets.

Q4 2021 Newsletter

Our 4th Quarter Newsletter for our valued clients.

Q3 2021 Newsletter

Our 3rd Quarter Market Report

Q2 2021 Newsletter

Q1 2021 Newsletter

This newsletter provides updated information to keep our clients informed!