Your Experienced Harrisonburg Financial Advisor.

Are you looking for a Harrisonburg financial advisor? The team at Graves Light Lenhart brings a cohesive approach to managing assets and protecting wealth. We look at the big picture to determine your strengths and risks to create a long-term economic forecast. By working with your accountant, lawyer, and insurance agent, we identify potential holes in coverage to protect you and your family throughout your life. Our services include:

Our Clients Look Like Our Community.

We work with clients from all different backgrounds, but many of them share similarities:

  • Business owners
  • Professionals planning for retirement
  • Executives
  • Nonprofits, foundations, and endowments

You Benefit From What Makes Us Different.

We aren’t your typical financial advisor. Our team includes economic advisors, analysts, and attorneys with the experience necessary to evaluate your needs and develop smart strategies that work. We offer our clients:

  • Big-Picture Planning

    We coordinate our wealth management services with your professional advisors to provide comprehensive financial planning you trust.

  • Flexibility & Control

    We handle your investments, management, and reporting out of our Harrisonburg office, where you have access to our entire team.

  • Save & Grow

    By looking at the big-picture, we’re able to save you money by identifying holes in coverage and areas to build upon.

Our Harrisonburg Financial Advisors Partner With You.

We invest in our clients by building relationships with them, their families, and their professional team of advisors. Our team listens to your realities, goals, and dreams to create effective strategies to protect and grow your wealth. We get to know you so we can identify long-term needs to help you get where you want to be. Ready to get started? Set-up a free consultation to begin working with a Harrisonburg financial advisor from Graves Light Lenhart.